Discoveries in Thailand

What happened after moving to Thailand? A lot! Here I share some of the discoveries that we have found so far at our stay in Thailand.

During the time spent in Chiang Mai, we were exploring the city and the areas around it, like Doi Suthep National Park. Once we met a bull in the middle of the street near our first apartment, twice we unexpectedly saw an elephant walking down the mountain road. We have spent some time trekking in the wild jungle, but first, and yet the only, time I saw a snake which was in the city near the hotel we stayed.

Happy to be surrounded by the mountains.

Moreover, I was surprised by the thousands of smiles, the incredible taste of fruits, shakes and the local dishes. At first, some of the Thai meals were too spicy for me, but got used to it by now.

Discoveries in Thailand, Chiang Mai

Messy driving. I had never seen so much chaos in the city and the streets. At first sight, it seems that there are no rules, but there’s no aggression at the same time.

More riding than walking. The city we live in, Chiang Mai, is not adapted for walking. Many streets have no sidewalks at all. I love to go for long city walks, but here only dogs take this role. Yes, dogs. The streets are full of middle size friendly dogs. You can find them walking, laying or even eating on the street!

Laying on the road.

Thai coffee shops. Before moving to Thailand I truly loved to take away coffee and have a long walk with it. Living in Chiang Mai, there are no pedestrians areas like that, but still, there are dozens of incredible good coffee shops. Most of them have not only a good coffee to offer, but beautiful interior as well. Now I even prefer to drink coffee inside and enjoy my lips touching a nice cup – not the paper one!

Coffee ceremonies.
Coffee ceremonies.

Jungle vibe. The bright side is the beautiful nature all around the city. Within twenty minutes on a motorbike, we can reach wild jungles, dozens of waterfalls and temples.

Temples all around. All Chiang Mai is full of culture – city is full of temples and the monks. It looks very unusual to a western visitor. Moreover, there are lots of street markets, where you can buy local crafts, food or just have a massage.

Take it easy. The atmosphere is relaxed. No stress, no hurry. The service usually is slow, according to western standards, but people seem to be relaxed and do not show the disappointment.

Moving to Thailand was a wonderful opportunity to widen my horizons. Life in Thailand is very different from that one I lived in Lithuania. Some of these differences are very pleasant, like the climate and ability to enjoy fresh fruits. Others are just the differences I need to get used to, like traffic jams and air pollution.

I believe that I will find more discoveries in Thailand during the time here. At the same time, I hope to share all of that with You!

Less stress, more happiness.  Wish You all the same!


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