5 Things to Do in Pai

Pai, just a few hours outside of Thailand’s second biggest city, Chiang Mai, is a hippie oasis. You will find a lot of cozy hippie style bars, organic food restaurants, and yoga classes while visiting Pai. The city itself is nice, but there are a lot of worth-visiting places around as well.

Pai Canyon

Pai Canyon or (known as Kong Lan in Thai) is something I would recommend to everyone going to Pai. It’s free to enter and it is a place of natural untouched beauty. The canyon is about a 20 min drive out of Pai city what makes it easy to get there by scooter.

Pai Canyon
Pai Canyon

The views are absolutely stunning over the mountains and the landscape is spectacular.

Although, it could be very challenging if you take a walk around the steep and narrow cliffs. It can be dangerous, as some of the hills are quite steep. There are plenty of narrow elevated paths with a 30-meter drop on either side, so you have to watch your step while walking as well as wearing comfy shoes that protect your ankles from an unexpected bend.

We had a chance to visit Pai Canyon couple of times. The first time was for a sunset, which was absolutely gorgeous. The setting was just so beautiful and the sky was a little cloudy that night so the colors were magnificent!

Pai canyon
Pai canyon

For the second time, we visited the Pai Canyon in a daytime. The weather was so hot, that it was almost unbearable to stand, however, the daylight uncovered all the beauty of the landscape.

The edges of Pai Canyon.

Moreover, both of the times we didn’t meet a lot of tourists even though it’ is a very touristic place. Probably most of the tourists found the weather to be too hot at that time of the day.

Bamboo Bridge

Bamboo bridge (Boon Koh Ku So  in Thai language) is definitely worthwhile to visit the place. It’s about a 20 min drive outside of Pai.

Bamboo bridge
Bamboo bridge

There are beautiful mountains at the back and a cute bamboo bridge running through the rice fields. The bamboo bridge surprisingly isn’t that popular between tourists, however, is used daily by monks.

The Pai bamboo bridge is  1 – 2 meters above the ground on the cement pillars depending on which part of the bridge is going to pass.

Bamboo bridge and the green rice fields all around.

The bridge itself is about 1 km long, so you have to plan some time there if you want to go all the way long. The place is a good choice for a long walk because you will have to come back to the beginning of the bridge after finishing the route.

The other option is to visit Pem Bok waterfall nearby. The waterfall is not too far from the end of the rice field bridge, so you can walk there.

Moreover, there’s a small cafe next to the start of the bridge where you can have a cold drink or a cup of coffee when you’re finished walking.

Pai bamboo bridge isn’t a well-known place, but it is definitely a great place to see in Pai.

White Buddha

This beautiful White Buddha temple is a must see in Pai. It is about 2 kilometers away from Pai. The huge statue of the White Buddha is easy to find, you just have to follow signs and your eyesight (because you can’t miss it) and you’ll get there easily.

White Buddha Statue, Pai
White Buddha Statue

We went first thing in the morning on a really glorious day and it was utterly worth it. There were just a couple people around and the view was incredible.

Panoramic view
Panoramic view

This temple is one of the main things to visit in Pai and it definitely should be in your ‘things to see’ list.

Hot Springs

It was the first experience with hot springs and it was so lovely and peaceful. We were laying in a hot spring listening to the birds singing.

Hot springs, Pai
Hot springs, Pai

There are changing rooms/showers for bathers.  At Tha Pai hot springs, the hottest temperature of the water is about 80 degrees Celsius and we even saw some people trying to boil eggs in it.


We went past on our motorbikes and stopped to give the elephants a cuddle and some bananas. I love elephants and so do many other people, so, seeing them was an amazing experience in itself. We were allowed to get up close to the elephants and touch them. For just 20 baht you could get enough bananas to feed to the elephants. They looked happy to interact with us and loved being fed.

Feeding elephants
Feeding elephants

We met 2 elephants who were not chained up. However, they were kept in a tiny space, which on a plus side was at least clean.

If you would like to spend more time with elephants you should really do your research and visit a sanctuary where you will be able to see elephants in the wild instead!

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