7 Tips on Finding the Cheapest Flight

We know that airline tickets often are expensive. But here’s a way to find a cheap one. Our friends from Airinme share some tips for you.

How to find cheap flights:

  1. Book in advance. It is important to keep in mind that airfares’ services are cheaper when you book 11 months in advance.
  2.  Be flexible. Choose departure dates which are less popular. Avoid weekends – fly mid-week or off-season.
  3. Search for connecting flights. Your patience might help you to save some money.
  4. Compromise on extras. Read carefully what is included in the price of your flight. Keep in mind that at first glance low price airfares can be deceiving.
  5. Search for discounts for children.  Some airlines offer discounts on flights for children and elderly. It is a real chance to save. For example, some carriers do not charge passengers aged up to two years if they do not occupy a seat.
  6. Subscribe to deals and promotions. Sign up for airline newsletter and you will always be aware of their discounts. Also, stay tuned in the airlines’ industry. Newly appeared companies tend to make discounts in order to stimulate sales.
  7. Compare first. Never buy a flight immediately. Compare offers from different airlines and travel agencies. Trusted flight search engines with hundreds of options will make your choice easier.

If you follow these tips, you’ll never be the person who winded up spending more than you wanted!



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